201as his father bade him.

For now again, woken from this drama of the lean form crucified,& the women endlessly pitying, he must make them - the children -happy; friendly; must see that they grow up admiring, loving,courageous; must fortify them with memories implant in themsome help against the battle of life before them.HadCam looked?

He asked her waved his hand so that they shouldboth look; & began telling them both how

But Cam could not see the house. She was shortsighted,like her mother. She could see nothing clearly.And thissince he had the long steady gaze of a leader, of an explorer,used to judging distances & keeping landmarks in view,thishe could seeclearly, ?everything;infirmity of his child's annoyed him.

There was the house, he said.Pointing his finger,he made her look along, leaning against them."There!"But James knew Cam would never be able to see anything atitthat distance.the houseShe was shortsighted. & she did not want to seeeitherShe was obstinate as a mule.?SheJamesAnother impression was added to the enormous storewhich he held already in his head.it
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