210153Lily stepped back & screwed up her eyes;Committed to this particular adventure, she was now sternly set, - & wasoutbecoming momentarily more & more indifferent to her ownfortunes, as a to her own person & arms & legs & hair & complexion& whether it were time for this or time for that, & if shewho she was & what she waswas liked or disliked or who she was & all the rest of itaffected one as a work of art she thoughtThat was perhaps an explanationquestion which shadowedThe(for at forty four alwayscloudlike crossed the mind, now & again:for the densely& oppressivehoveringfeeling thecloudlike ?feelingof thequestionwhich?stood ?overabove herthat- one or two people,they are rare, -about human relationships & death & art & life: - sometimesgrew dark like a cloud about to burst & one thought This is thethere areanswer. That among us there are creators among us &Mrs. Ramsay was one of them; [They say to life "Stand still there"]was true perhaps, she thought. And tThey say to life "Standstill there," & they enforce it; bringing together the wall, the sky, thehedge - but it was the whatever it might be, herself, Charles Tansley, thedrawbreaking waves: They elicit from each its element -An artist, a creator -enSure enough, thinking And circling like a Charles Tansley again,running over him, as she stepp chose another brush, shethought how it was not necessarily angular & ?sensiblylike anybodyelse,just talking,sandy haired & repulsive, his home & his children;but on a summer evening they would sit together on a terrace,talking; & again he would be perfectly simple, himself, aas on the beach, when Mrs. Ramsay did it, by looking over herspectacles & saying "Is that a lobster pot?"All was silence. in Nobody even yet seemed to be stirring in thehouse. It was still early of course; & perhaps they were not even up yet -She looked at it, before placing her going on, looked at thepeaceful house, sleeping there in the early sunlight with itswindows green & blue with the reflected leaves; &And now indeed she was thinking of Mrs. Ramsay. She wasfeeling strangely, remotely with this extreme unreality
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