185101inscrutable is our thought. Each wave is only the But that its peace was aonisbrooding peace, its beauty a significant beauty, who canonlook on use & deny? tenuous beauty. We lie at your doorswishing you well, & oTo which Who; waking then in the depths of this dark, thiswhereto silent, this restful night, when the nigh darknessThe word was 'dark' and later changed to 'darkness'. [Shillingsburg, P.] was a veilsighspread over some thing whose murmur was as the aseemed the like the murmur of secrets & wisdom too deep to befully uttered, could, even now, after chaos, after storm,resist the desire to find out there down on the beach somein on the pale sand, with the waves breaking, & only a light at theharbour, a light on some masthead, a light on the cliff, &A stroke indicates that the marginal note precedes 'piercing'. [Shillingsburg, P.]piercing its slumbrous bulk, to something more.the lighthouselooking, nowgravely now,stilly now,when the secret seemed ours, been mocked, nowThe word 'now' was added in the right margin, perhaps when the word 'now' was cancelled in the line. [Shillingsburg, P.] on the whole nowwithAnd yet, seeing how much we have suffered, how often,we shal it seems better to only to lie here, in the dark;It is indeed a perfect summer's night,& inThe original 'in' was changed to 'within'. [Shillingsburg, P.] these latitudesshaded not gonethe light seems only shaded; & it is exquisite & soothing &consoling to wake, & to lie with the windows open, & thevoice coming through the windows, too gently for us to catchthe words, the voice of the beauty of the world, & tolet it sing to us, those old ancient that ancient music whichheaven knows no heart can resist, that grow murmuredstrain which seems to say li bid us lie still, lie quiet, allnight long, so that, when everyone is asleep, it may impart tous, so wisely attentive, its message - howA period followed by 'The' was changed into a dash and 'how' was squeezed in. [Shillingsburg, P.] The wavesweeps breaks on the shore.Although the diagonal cancel stroke missed the last line and a half, the whole passage appears to be cancelled or abandoned. [Shillingsburg, P.]
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