17987vision that asked for ratification, either they had beenwoken from their dreams by that prodigious cannonading whichhad made the wine glasses tinkle in the cupboard, orthat intrusion - that black snout - that purple foaming stain -had so gravely interfered damaged the composition of the picturethat w they had fled. They had gone in despair. They haddashed the mirror to the ground. They saw nothing more.They stumbled & strove now, blindly, pulling their feet out of themud & stamping them further in. Let the wind blow, let thepoppy seed itself, & the carnation mate with the cabbage.Let the swallow build on the works of Shakespeare; & thebutterfly flaunt in the drawing room, & the thistle thrust up thetiles, & the butterfly sun itself on the faded chinzyesThe sentence originally ended with 'chinzes'. The 'y' was added and the 'es' cancelled when 'arm chairs' was added. The spelling was corrected 'chintzy' in the typescript. [Shillingsburg, P.] arm chairsLet the ch broken china be & all beaut civilisation lielike broken china to be tangled over with theblackberries & grass.up
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