17681leftIt is possible that this day's work began with what is now line 4, 'Fro Opening', because the three lines above are indented, as had happened before with interlineations. Furthermore, although these lines finish a thought begun on the previous page, the fourth line is short and ends with what might be a caret point to the addition of the lines above. [Shillingsburg, P.] on the dressing table, for all the world as if she expected tocome back tomorrow. The little dressing table drawers werefull of her things bits of things - laces, handkerchiefs -Fro Opening the drawers, even after all these years, [?]aMrs. Macnab could smell something that brought back - but what?A vision - yes, something beautiful, but very very distant, as if sheput a glass to her eye, & there appeared at a little coloured figureat the end, of a lady, in a grey cloak, sto stooping, looking up at her,

Good evening, Mrs. Macnab, the she said.She had a pleasant way with her. But ah dear, manythings had changed in these years; many families lost theirdearest.So Mrs. Ramsay was dead; & youn Mr. Andrew killed they saidThe words 'they said' were inserted later, extending into the right margin. [Shillingsburg, P.]& Miss Prudence, who had married, she had died too, with herfirst bady baby they said, but Everyone w had lost someone,in these years.Prices had gone up shamefully: they didn't comedown either.She was by the flower bed on the drive.with the children playing about, & ev no one thinking ofof wars in those days. any no one Mrs. Macnabwell remembered her.So across the
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