17477been heard, tumbling & tossing; the winds & the waveslash with theirtails & churn withtails lash & theirfins churndisporting themselves like the amorphous shapes ofleviathans, whose brows were pierced by no light of reason, whosetal, lunged & plunged in the darkness without cause or reason;now it seemed fiercely battling for no reason, then at peace; nowin mounting in lust or conquest one upon another, so that theyseemed toA vertical line through lines 5 to 7 appears to cancel everything from 'now it seemed' through 'seemed to' [Shillingsburg, P.]  until it seemed as if the the universe werefilled from earth to sky with was full of shapes mounting one ontop of another, battling, & tumbling - & the now swift[?],Originally 'swift', the illegible letters at the end were added later. [Shillingsburg, P.] nowstagnant, but always in a wild brute commotion confusion.[?]springWhen in spring the flowers all started,& again the urns werecasually filled with some trailing geranium, they too seemedelongated petals of some windblown plant, these too seemedclothed in beauty - yes - lovely as ever - (Mrs. MacNab,stopped & thinking no harm since the family would notcome, no one knew when,) never again perhaps - it wassaid the house would be sold, stooped & picked a bunchto take home with her) yet nature's beauty, the involuntary &herirrepressible creation of this of a force which created the windtoo, now seemed cold. It seemed eyeless, brainless, empty
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