15335&& raising it ?again to there musing with hera ben a mourning lamThe cancellation is ambiguous and need not be 'iam'. [Shillingsburg, P.] [profoundly benignantly]The square brackets around 'profoundly & benignantly' are Virginia Woolf's, which may mean nothing (see p.157, 4 and 5 lines up from the botton for apparently meaningless brackets) but the closing bracket appears to point upward and may indicate that the phrase is to be moved to the previous line replacing 'with he' which is crossed out. If so, it yields the reading: '& raising it & there musing profoundly & benignantly a a mourning as if she lamented the doom which drowned the earth...' [Shillingsburg, P.] the doubtful laas if she lamented the doom which drowned the earth &extinguished its lights, & of all the ships, the towns, the houses leftnothing.Yet if there is no soul, & the day is all, why shouldwe, escaped from the house, & pacing the beach, imagine robesdownflowing down, & eyes with the lids compassionately lowered, asif the presence regarded as if to behold the sufferings on earth?ourAnd why ,then, imagine, pacing the beach, how the & lettingwords escape on the wind, how like a the wind answers, &the wind says comforts, & blows back the assurance thatthe wind too has care thought of us, & comes along the down on abeach,The original wording, 'comes along the' was cancelled at the end of line 12 and a cancel line was begun and then stopped in the word 'beach' and then 'down on a' was added at the end of line 12. [Shillingsburg, P.] & strides across the bay, with the warmth of a friend?the wind& seizes us on its arm opens its arms? The sea, too,which then flows Or is there any answer in the sea,when we ask it to assure us when we wrap us about in itsbeauty; & let flow from our shoulders its purple, & diveor does it not suffocate or none, & is it only fearing, trembling,the purple robes thesehoping that we spin from our terror clothing to cover forceswhich remain ho untamed?Did they not all seize & weaken

Two vertical corkscrew cancellation lines delete four lines - through '..dining room'. [Shillingsburg, P.]If anyone asleep that night, at the Ramsays, - either Mr.Carmichael in his ap or Paul, or Paul, or Mr. Carmichael forexample, hadNothing stirred in bedroom or sittingthe drawing room, or in the dining room.Did the tumble & the battering, the soul[?]compare soulless in the margin [Shillingsburg, P.]drench & darkness of the sea, & the wind & the rain, & thenight nobody moved, notthe mindlesswarfare, thesoullessbludgeoning

Nothing stirred in the drawing room or in the dining room.& s &, what w but owing to the old hinges, & fadedshrunken sea moistened woodwork, which warpedshrankwet one winter dried & in the summer, certain windsairs detached from the main body of the wind, venturedinto the house.In the it was not wild, thoughAlmostone might imagine an breath questioning,wondering, asthey gently attempted the [?] falling hangingwall paper:&&
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