305catch some line thrown from the other end of the table? Lily &Mr. Tansley were talking about the fishing industry; They were& emigration.They were&talking about emigration.All that,& that was all so admirable - that the facts should bediscussed & injustice exposed;that the failure of some[?] men to bring in make enough to liveon this year should bedeplored, & the pressurewhich drove them to Americashould be denounced; but honestly, what was lacking? inWhy Some The usual thing.Already bored, Lily Bankesknew that something was lacking; William Bankes catching on toTansleys last words "one of the most scandalous acts of thepresent government" knew that something was lacking.AndThe usualOnly this: that noSome profound unreality hadmixed itself in; & bending themselves to listen to thetale of suffering & injustice,what they felt was, praynot be seenHeaven that the inside of my mind maynever be exposed to viewfor I am fo lying.TheyThey would give money, interest,their interest,their pity,theirhoping that theywere separate)attent time, attention; but who of all thoseAlways they hadall felt this: whenit came tothe suffering of the poor: to thevast waves that desolate whole countrysides - to eruptionsof earthquakes; to the tyranny & injustice (how naturallythe words ran into absurd rhetorical couples which onewould be ashamed to feel on one's own lips!)then,secretly, they had all felt this the same discomfort &atdepression, theirown unworthiness, of their owncynicism; & giving their names or time or money to thecause or the fund, eachhad come away with the samedissatisfactionsense of profound unreality.feeling: consciothey had beendeceived

But, perhaps, thought Mr. Bankes, as hethislooked at Mr.Tansley, he is the man.He gavThere was always the chanceitthem always thebenefit of the doubt.At any moment the
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