251who was always capping Andrews quotations from the guide book aboutto the Hebrides - "these islands are justly celebrated for their parklike effects, & for the while the marine curiosities are equallythey are remarkable for the for the extent & variety of theirmarine curiosities".So quoting the guide book, & inthe highest spirits which roused Andrew's suspicions slightly,for there it would not do, to this rout of shoutingsBut it would not do altogether, this shouting & damning your eyes,Andrew felt: picking his way down the path in front of them;the & the sudden friendliness, the clapping him on the back, thealtogether do, was the worst of taking Rayley & Minta Doyle,calling him old fellow, the laughing tooeasily,all this would notonin an expedition together.So indeed, they separated;it came about somehow. They said they were going toexplorethe caves; but as 'the marine curiosities for which theseislands are justly celebrated', are found onlyout on rockswhich the sea comesexposed to the coveredat high tide,he was not going in to the caves; but taking offhis socks heout ontorolled them up in his boots & set off barefoot;over the pope's noserocks.Nancy would follow; but she but first she wanted to first tofind shells; pointed shells with green lightsin them tostick on boxes;or glass; or veined stones; or cowries, perhaps,for Cam's collection.but she scrambled too, to Andrewthe big rock, wiThen, if Andrew did the Popes Nose, she woulddo the Devil's hoof -so they called it; & forthen she searched toointo the deep little rock pools,where the sea anemonesflowered, the red & the yellow,streaming their tentacles inthe deep current of the deep inlandsea, when where swam thewhales & the sharks, she thought,converting the pool into thedepths of the ocean;covering its skywith her hand so as to bring disaster -desolation,to its & then uncovering it to the sunbeat down.SheBut there Once on the top of the
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