133three resonant taps on the rams earthenware ram's head, &proceeded: Then R.

Qualities that had would have saved a ships company exposedon a broiling sea with six biscuits & a flask of water -endurance & justice, so foresight devotion - came to his help &nerved him for the attack - on R is then -

A shutter, like the leathern eyelid of somea lizard, flickered overobliteratingthe fierce intensity of his gaze:shut out the sight of R.?him

People said he was afailure. They said that it was praised himIn wh. flicker of asecond he hadknew thewas immensely to his credit it was immensely to his credit tohave reachinged reached Q: but they said - Bankes said, or at any rateclearfelt, for it was obvious that made itfelt by what he didn'talreadyomitted to say - that R wasbeyond him. They praised himStill, he would But still - still -

Qualities that in any desolate expedition across theicy solitudes of the North Pole would have made him theof the men,leader, the last to drop, the last to fail, the the physician thethe[?] the & that firm temper which is ?neither ?hopeful ?withdespondency but surveys with equanimity whatever ism is to be - were his, are in again now, in thisfurther assault.R -

There areBut the qualities that R is notBut in the assault on R what is needed is onereachThose who stormR as he knew the leathern eyelidflickered across his vision again) either only do soeither by repe superhuman strength & the power torepeat the whole alphabet in order - all 26 letters;on those is they reach Z [?] that way (as Clark reached it)& they seem (this is the more puzzling way) to as ?Kingdomreachreached it, by somehow contriving, to make all thosedivisions disappear.Men of genius - & theflickering eyelid brought before himwith distractingvividness a man of genius, throwing sticks into the
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