13to have no&[?] being their wives & children[?]without a letters or newspapers; without adoctor, if they ill were ill;without any or any sort of amusement?How would you like to seethe same dreary waves breaking all day long?& it would be muchworse in winter, when there were storms, & sea birdsdashed againstthe window, & the lit little tower was covered with spray, & thewind was so high that they couldn't even put their noses out ofdoors without being blown away? off into the sea?Putting up hishand,

"Now the wind has changed to the is almostnowdue West" saidthe atheist Tansy who was sharing Mr. Ramsay's evening walkit blewvery[?]It blew that is to sayfrom the worstdirection in a as forfor landing at the lighthousewh could only be done on the calmest daysof thelanding atfar as the lighthouse& made landing at the lighthouse outquestion when the wind was due north.Without ?DanMrRamsay'sThe little atheistwas withoutMr. Ramsay'spower. &Everybody in the house mademock ofhim exceptthe Mr. & Mrs.certainlybutRamsay, for being so disagreeable,& yet by no meanstruthfulimpeccably true above suspicion.Lucy mockedat him; forbeing the two William, & Herbert&Roger mocked at him;Miss Doyle, Mr. Holcroft mocked at him; Patcham &Mildred, & Silas, all mocked at him; even old Badger without atooth in his jaw bit him; for being (as Lucy put it) thehundred & tenth young man to chase them all the way to thewithout an idea in his headHebrides & talk when nobody wanted him. for no reason whatever.

But this was being simply rude, & simple silliness, said Mrs.Ramsay.

Sara Ramsay could be far too severe.
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