219171Sometimes th a the pages blew away over the sand.For she filled many pages with her little round writing that was impossibleto read. A network of communication was thus kept up.it wasIt was part of her system of life. And perhaps, like so many things she did, doneinstinctively., fulfilled some need.The But did it not. And soright it seemed, whatever she did, that, far from seemed soright that, if it had been ten times odder, or more repremore questionable, one would not have questioned it. And so she cameback always to this - not saying it, but feeling it: Mrs. Ramsay knew, thewhichthat implied a secret: something hidden, profound. That implied, Lilythought, a And oddly enough, wWith Mrs. Ramsay - whatever she might bedoing, & she was for the most part doing something - writing, knitting,one was quite frequently aware of secrets something hidden,secrets; secrets never to be made plain. that she knew. Secretswhich would make stable the race of life, & deepen its shallowness.For the lovely moment is trebled in Yet never was anyone lesscommunicative; or more satisfied to rest in the joy of the moment.A dish well cooked: gave her infinite satisfaction. pleasure.a flower made to grow; - Then [And now, putting on the palewreath, she had gone with her quick step, to - (She figured heradvancing through the fields of asphodel. She took her way through thefields of asphodel. that image was mixed up with all thoughts of her)

But Now, when shea marriage. or, again, Lily remembered, smiling, at the thoughtit was a marriage.

They did not always turn out well, by any means.For instance, Minta Doyle & Paul Rayley. Minta, as Mr.Bankes pointed out, had holes in her stockings. There waslamentedlarge holes in stockings which showed too, when she strodeabout as taking great steps; jumping, kicking.AThese holes might be accidental; or might on the otherrun through an entire life, spread ruin, disorder. After herthe firstmarriage with Paul, some years were quite successful;
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