THE LIGHTHOUSEhave launched the lifeboat, he would have reachedthe wreck, Cam thought. He was so brave, hewas so adventurous, Cam thought. But sheremembered. There was the compact; to resisttyranny to the death. Their grievance weighedthem down. They had been forced; they hadbeen bidden. He had borne them down oncemore with his gloom and his authority, makingthem do his bidding, on this fine morning, come,because he wished it, carrying these parcels, to theLighthouse; take part in those rites he wentthrough for his own pleasure in memory of deadpeople, which they hated, so that they laggedafter him, and all the pleasure of the day wasspoilt.

Yes, the breeze was freshening. The boat wasleaning, the water was sliced sharply and fell awayin green cascades, in bubbles, in cataracts. Camlooked down into the foam, into the sea with allits treasure in it, and its speed hypnotised her,and the tie between her and james sagged a little.

It slackened a little. She began to think, Howi fast it goes. Where are we going? and the movement hypnotised her, while james, with his eyefixed on the sail and on the horizon, steered grimly.But he began to think as he steered that he mightescape; he might be quit of it all. They mightland somewhere; and be free then. Both of them,25 5

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