271have passed. Nobody had spoken for an age. She had been staring upinto the sky until. She had been trying to imagine - what was the worldreally like then? Outside In the house were all sorts ofthings she knew heart; out here nothing but the sky.What was the meaning of things?

The breeze had freshened a bit too much, Macalister said.LandingIt was going to bea ticklish business.They were must keepherhead upwell to the North.Then they must James kept her well to the North. He had a themakings of a fine sailor, Macalister saidButWhy didnot her father listen to that? did not hear it: James lookedDid ?herfatherhearitIn time one got to know ev qui quickly to see. No: he wasreading.

In time one got to know every shake & sound in the boat,Cam thought. She had played every sort of game, she hadhowimagined that they were shipwrecked: that the mackerelwhat the mackerel felt, drawn up there to die: she hadthought of her own bait sweeping white through the waves; howthe fish passed it. & the drowned men whirling down to the sand;& the sand itself; & the roots of the coast, & how ?theplunged fathoms deep & then tufted with trees & houses on top:Yes, & she had thought about the compact:tyranny was to be But was& about tyranny; & ho for whatreason the crime was unforgivable.It was For this reason:onethere was nothing in the world except this - a little finger woulddo to represent it - & the her father said"Youd shan't move it."No. you shant. & one had to hold it still. AndThe blind ungovernable rage had possessed her. She looFor if his father had heard him praisedit would have pleased himmore thananything if his father had
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