TO THE LIGHTHOUSElights, lights, as they came into the house, staringabout him with his face quite stiff. But, goodheavens, he said to himself, putting his hand tohis tie, I must not make a fool of myself.)

‘Yes," said Prue, in her considering way,answering her mother’s question, " I think Nancydid go with them.’16

Well then, Nancy had gone with them, Mrs.Ramsay supposed, wondering, as she put down abrush, took up a comb, and said “ Come in ” toa tap at the door (Jasper and Rose came in),whether the fact that Nancy was with them madeit less likely or more likely that anything wouldhappen; it made it less likely, somehow, Mrs.Ramsay felt, very irrationally, except that after allholocaust on such a scale was not probable. Theycould not all be drowned. And again she feltalone in the presence of her old antagonist, life.Jasper and Rose said that Mildred wanted toknow whether she should wait dinner.‘ Not for the Queen of England," said Mrs.Ramsay emphatically.124

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