I"YES, of course, if it’s fine to-morrow," said Mrs.Ramsay. “ But you’ll have to be up with thelark," she added.

To her son these words conveyed an extra-ordinary joy, as if it were settled the expeditionwere bound to take place, and the wonder towhich he had looked forward, for years and yearsit seemed, was, after a night’s darkness and a day’ssail, within touch. Since he belonged, even atthe age of six, to that great clan which cannotkeep this feeling separate from that, but must letfuture prospects, with their joys and sorrows,cloud what is actually at hand, since to such peopleeven in earliest childhood any turn in the wheelof sensation has the power to crystallise andtransiix the moment upon which its gloom orradiance rests, James Ramsay, sitting on the floorcutting out pictures from the illustrated catalogueof the Army and Navy Stores, endowed thepicture of a refrigerator as his mother spoke withheavenly bliss. lt was fringed with joy. The11
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