TO THE LIGHTHOUSEanything and we will give it you. But he did notask them anything. He sat and looked at the islandand he might be thinking, We perished, each alone,or he might be thinking, I have reached it. I havefound it; but he said nothing.

Then he put on his hat.

"Bring those parcels," he said, nodding his headat the things Nancy had done up for them to taketo the Lighthouse. "The parcels for the Lighthousemen," he said. He rose and stood in the bow of theboat, very straight and tall, for all the world, Jamesthought, as if he were saying, "There is no God,"and Cam thought, as if he were leaping into space,and they both rose to follow him as he sprang, lightlylike a young man, holding his parcel, on to the rock.XIII

"He must have reached it," said Lily Briscoealoud, feeling suddenly completely tired out. For theLighthouse had become almost invisible, had meltedaway into a blue haze, and the effort of lookingat it and the effort of thinking of him landing there,which both seemed to be one and the same effort,had stretched her body and mind to the utmost.Ah, but she was relieved. Whatever she had wanted308
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