THE WINDOWknee found the picture of a pocket knife with sixblades which could only be cut out if Jameswas very careful.

Suddenly a loud cry, as of a sleep-walker, halfroused, something aboutStormed at with shot and shellsung out with the utmost intensity in her ear, madeher turn apprehensively to see if any one heard him.Only Lily Briscoe, she was glad to find; and thatdid not matter. But the sight of the girl standingon the edge of the lawn painting reminded her; shewas supposed to be keeping her head as much in thesame position as possible for Lily’s picture. Lily’spicture! Mrs. Ramsay smiled. With her little Chi-nese eyes and her puckered-up face, she would nevermarry; one could not take her painting very seri-ously; she was an independent little creature, andMrs. Ramsay liked her for it; so, remembering herpromise, she bent her head.IV

Indeed, he almost knocked her easel over, com-ing down upon her with his hands waving shoutingout, "Boldly we rode and well," but, mercifully, heturned sharp, and rode off, to die gloriously she sup-posed upon the heights of Balaclava. Never was any-29

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