THE WINDOWsitting and looking, sitting and looking, with herwork in her hands until she became the thing shelooked at—that light for example. And it wouldlift up on it some little phrase or other which hadbeen lying in her mind like that—"Children don’tforget, children don’t forget"—which she wouldrepeat and begin adding to it, It will end, It willend, she said. It will come, it will come, whensuddenly she added, We are in the hands of theLord.

HB: Pencil mark; possibly a compositor’s indication of a starting point for typesettingBut instantly she was annoyed with herself forsaying that. She did not mean it;Who hadsaid it?Not she; VW: Bracketed with line to point of insertion. —peter.shillingsburgshe had beentrapped into saying something she did not mean.She looked up over her knitting and met the thirdstroke and it seemed to her like her own eyesmeeting her own eyes, searching as she alonecould search into her mind and her heart, purifyingout of existence that lie, any lie. She praisedgal25HB: Pencil line to point of galley break.herself in praisiHB: Pencil marker indicating galley the light, without vanity, forshe was stern, she was searching, she was beautifullike that light. It was odd, she thought, how ifHereone was alone,one HB: Pencil bracket with line to marginal  leant to things, inanimate[%]things; trees, streams, flowers; felt they ex-pressed one; felt they became one; felt theyknew one, in a sense were one; felt an irrationaltenderness thus (she looked at that long steadylight) as for oneself. There rose, and she lookedand looked with her needles suspended, there101
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