“There isn’t a cloud anywhere within miles,"at which she could feel little Charles Tansley, whohad followed them out, snigger. But she did it onpurpose. Whether Nancy was there or not, shecould not be certain, looking from one to the otherin her mind’s eye.

She read on: “Ah, wife," said the man, "whyshould we be king? I do not want to be King.”“Well," said the wife, "if you won’t be King, Iwill; go to the Flounder, for I will be King.”HB: Blue pencil marks at beginning and end of line possibly indicate page break in the American edition.

“Come in or go out, Cam,” she said, knowingthat Cam was attracted only by the wordgal22HB: Pencil indicating galley 22 marker. “FloundHB: Mark indicating galley proof between “n” and “d” of “Flounder”.er" and that in a moment she wouldfidget and fight with James as usual. Cam shotoff. Mrs. Ramsay went on reading, relieved, forshe and James shared the same tastes and werecomfortable together.

“And when he came to the sea, it was quitedark grey, and the water heaved up from below,and smelt putrid. Then he went and stood by itand said,10 pt HB: Designer note with line embracing all inset lines‘ Flounder, flounder, in the sea,Come, I pray thee, here to me;For my wife, good Ilsabil,Wills not as I’d have her will.’‘Well, what does she want then?’ said theFlounder." And where were they now? Mrs.Ramsay wondered, reading and thinking, quite90
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