TO THE LIGHTHOUSELily Briscoe, who wondered why such conceal-ments should be necessary; why he needed alwayspraise; why so brave a man in thought should beso timid in life; how strangely he was venerableand laughable at one and the same time.

Teaching and preaching is beyond humanpower, Lily suspected. (She was putting awayher things). If you are exalted you must somehowcome a cropper. Mrs. Ramsay gave him whathe asked too easily. Then the change must be soupsetting[∧].Lilysaid.He comes in from his books and findsus all playing games and talking nonsense, shethought.[%].VW: Circled period to replace comma after “nonsense”. —saraheilefsonImagine what a change from the things hethinksabout,she said.VW: Line indicating position of inserted passage.

He was bearing down upon them. Now hestopped dead and stood looking in silence at thesea. Now he had turned away again.9

Yes, Mr. Bankes said, watching him go. Itwas a thousand pities. (Lily had said somethingabout his frightening her—he changed from onemood to another so suddenly.) Yes, said Mr.Bankes, it was a thousand pities that Ramsaycould not behave a little more like other people.(For he liked Lily Briscoe; he could discussRamsay with her quite openly.) It was for thatreason, he said, that the young neverdon’tread Carlyle.74
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