TO THE LIGHTHOUSEfor that she had opened herself. That windowsshould be open, and doors shut—simple as it was,could none of them remember it? She would gointo the maids’ bedrooms at night and find themsealed like ovens, except for Marie’s, the Swissgirl, who would rather go without a bath thanwithout fresh air, but then at home, she had said, VW: The single quotes are underlined to distinguish them from commas. —saraheilefson[∧] the mountains are so beautiful.[∧] VW: The single quotes are underlined to distinguish them from commas. —saraheilefsonShe had saidthat last night looking out of the window withtears in her eyes. HB Pencil mark; possibly a compositor’s indication of a starting point for typesetting. “The mountains are sobeautiful." Her father was dying there, Mrs.Ramsay knew. He was leaving them fatherless.Scolding and demonstrating (how to make a bed,how to open a window, with hands that shut andspread like a Frenchwoman’s) all had foldeditself quietly about her, when the girl spoke, as,after a flight through the sunshine the wings of abird fold themselves quietly and the blue of itsplumage changes from bright steel to soft purple.ButShe hadstood theresilent for VW: three line insertion replacing “But.” —saraheilefsonthere was nothing to be said. He had cancerof the throat. At the recollection—how she hadstood there, how the girl had said “At home themountains are so beautiful", and there was nohope, no hope whatever, she had a spasm ofirritation, and speaking sharply, said to James:

“Stand still. Don't be tiresome," so that hewas awareknewVW: line indicating “knew” replacing “was aware.” —saraheilefsoninstantly that her severity was real,and straightened his leg and she measured it.48
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