TO THE LIGHTHOUSEfor Mr. Ramsay’s mind, until her thoughtVW line indicating lassoed insertion.which hadspun quicker &quickerex-ploded of its own intensity; she felt released[∧]; /—forto go on thinking like this would have beenintolerable;[%]a shot went off close at hand, andthere came, flying from its fragments, frightened,effusive, tumultuous, a flock of starlings.

“Jasper,! /"said Mr. Bankes. They turnedthe way the starlings flew, over the terrace.Following the scatter of swift-flying birds in thesky they stepped through the gap in the highhedge straight into Mr. Ramsay, who boomedtragically at them, "Some one had blundered!”

His eyes, glazed with emotion, defiant withtragic intensity, met theirs for a second, andtrembled on the verge of recognition; but then,raising his hand, which seemed to tremble,[%]half-way to his face as if to avert, to brush off in anagony of peevish shame, their normal gaze, as ifhe begged them to withhold for a moment whathe knew to be inevitable, as if he impressed uponthem his own child-like resentment of interrup-tion, yet even in the moment of discovery wasnot to be routed utterly, but was determined tohold fast to something of this delicious emotion,this impure HB: Blue pencil mark possibily indicating line break in American proofs. rhapsody of which he was ashamed,but in which he revelled—he turned abruptly,slammed his private door on them; and, LilyBriscoe and Mr. Bankes, looking uneasily up into44
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