8pto.s. Fig.[HBPP: Note: black pencil mark apparently pointing to “1927”?]s.c.copyright, 1927, byHarcourt, Brace andCompany, Inc. [HBPP: Note: line to caret lower on the page appears to indicate where this material is to be printed. —peter.shillingsburgI [Note: Roman numeral I, circled and double underlined in black pencil with line to center of page. —peter.shillingsburg6 pt s.c.[Note: Written above with arrow to circled I, indicates 6 point type in small caps.] —peter.shillingsburgp 4[HBPP: Note: page number is circled]6pt s.c.[HBPP: Note: bracket points to print statement]Printed in the USAPrinted in Great Britain byR. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh.[HBPP: Note: printed statement is deleted in black pencil —peter.shillingsburg
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