THE LIGHTHOUSEwhatever I like, and I shan't fall over a precipiceor be drowned, for there he is, keeping his eye onall that. [∧]me,shethoughtVW: By implication, insertion goes before period despite the caret’s position.At the same time they were sailing so fast alongby the rocks that it was very exciting—it seemedas if they had really escaped from a sinking ship,so that they[%]were doing two things at once; theywere eating their lunch here in the sun and they,were also making for safety in a great storm [∧].after ashipwreck.VW: Insertion lassoed with line to caret.Would the water last? Would the provisionslast? she asked herself, telling herself a story butknowing at the same time what was happening.the truth.

They would soon be out of it, Mr. Ramsay wassaying to old Macalister; but their children wouldsee some strange things. Macalister said he wasseventy-five last March; Mr. Ramsay wasseventy-one. Macalister said he had never seen adoctor; he had never lost a tooth. And that’s theway I’d like my children to live—Cam was surethat her father was thinking that, for he stoppedher throwing a sandwich into the sea and told her,as if he were thinking of the fishermen and howthey live, that if she did not want it she shouldput it back in the parcel. She should not waste it.He said it so wisely, so justly,[%]Black pencil line from delete symbol in margin 5 lines above runs to VW’s excision of “so justly”. —andyroowelchas if he knew so wellwhat went onall thethings thathappened inVW: Lassoed (excluding cancellation) with line to insertion point. —andyroowelchthe worldin the world that she put it back atonce, and then he gave her, from his own parcel,a gingerbread nut, as if he were a great Spanish317
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