TO THE LIGHTHOUSEand glooms. Oh no. The bedroom door wouldslam violently early in the morning. He wouldstart from the table in a temper. Some letter orsome article criticising his books had burst onto hisplate.[%]He wouldwhizzhis platethrough theVW: The last word of this insertion may be smudged illegibly into the line below “the”, but it is clarified by HB in the pencil insertion at the top of the page. A line from the addition indicates the insertion point preceding “Then”—peter.shillingsburgwindow.HB: Black pencil insertion to follow “through the” in VW’s marginal revision.Then all through the house there wouldbe a sense of doors slamming and blinds fluttering Dots under cancelled phrase and "stet" in margin restores the phrase.stet Restores the cancelled phrase.plateswhizzing VW: The cancellation and insertion are restored by the “stet” if a gusty wind were blowing and peoplescudded about trying in a hasty way to fastenhatches and make things shipshape. She had metPaul Rayley like that one day on the stairs.[∧] VW: Cancellation is restored with “stet” marks.VW: Line from caret to marginal addition].stet VW: Cancellation is restored with “stet” marks. —peter.shillingsburgIt hadbeenaear=HB: black pencil hyphen (like an equals sign) was added by HB. —peter.shillingsburgwig. apparently. VW: The sentence originally ended with “wig.” and continued with “Other people” after which “apparently.” was inserted. —peter.shillingsburg.Otherpeoplemightfindcenti-pedes.Theyhadlaughed&laughed.VW: Entire addition is in the right margin, lassoed, with a line to point of insertion after “stairs.” —peter.shillingsburgTheyhad laughed and laughed, like a couple of children,all because Mr. Ramsay, finding an earwig in hiscup at breakfast had sent the whole thing flyingthrough the air on to the terrace outside. “Anearwig,” Prue murmured, awestruck, looking withround eyes. Other people might find centipedes.But he had built round him such a fence ofsanctity, and occupied the space with such ademeanour of majesty that an earwig in his milkwas a monster. Later he met them outside hisstudy door, took them in, and showed them hismap of the Hebrides. It was a wonderful map.He was charming, showing them his map. Theyforgave him instantly, as indeed he expected to beforgiven.[%]

But it tired Mrs. Ramsay, it cowed her a little—the plates whizzing and the doors slamming.And there would fall between them sometimesStray mark in ink or possibly black pencil under the “mes” of “sometimes” is of undetermined intent. 308
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