THE LIGHTHOUSEthe air, and let it fall upon his knee again as if hewere conducting some secret symphony.10(The sea is[%]without a stain on it, thought LilyBriscoe, still standing and looking out over thebay. It isThe seastretched like silk across the bay. Andone cannot see where the sky joins it.[%]Distancehad an extraordinary power; they had beenswallowed up in it, she felt, they were gone forever, they had become part of the nature of things.It was so calm; it was so quiet. The steameritself had vanished, but the great scroll of smokestill hung up[%]in the air and drooped like a flagmournfully in valediction.)11It was like that then, the island, thought Cam,once more drawing her fingers through the waves.gal73HB: Black pencil line to marginal note indicating galley 73.She had never seen it from out at sea before. Itlay like that on the sea, did it, with a dent in themiddle and two sharp crags, and the sea swept inthere, and spread away for miles and miles oneither side of the island. It was very small;shaped something like a leaf stood on end. Sowe took a little boat, she thought, beginning totell herself a story of adventure about escaping291
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