First proof Clark: Rubber stamp.THE LIGHTHOUSEwidowed, bereft; and so called up before himin hosts people sympathising with him; stagedfor himself as he sat in the boat, a little drama;which required of him decrepitude and exhaustionand sorrow (he raised his hands and looked at thethinness of them, to confirm his dream) and thenthere was given him anin /abundance of[%]women’ssympathy, and he imagined how they wouldsoothe him and sympathise with him, and sogetting in his dream some reflection of theexquisite pleasure women’s sympathy was to him,he sighed and said gently and mournfully,10 pt HB: Brace indicating two lines for 10 point font. —peter.shillingsburgBut I beneath a rougher seat HB: Brace indicating two lines for 10 point font.Was[%]'whelmed in deeper gulfs than he,so that the mournful words were heard quiteclearly by them all. Cam half started on her seat.It shocked her—it outraged her. The movementroused her father; and he shuddered, and brokeoff, exclaiming: "Look! Look!" so urgentlythat James also turned his head to look over hisshoulder at the island. They all looked. Theylooked at the island.

But Cam could see nothing. She was thinkinghow all those paths and the lawn, thick and knottedwith the lives they had lived there, were gone:were rubbed out; were past; were unreal, and nowthis was real; the boat and the sail with its patch;Macalister with his earrings; the noise of theR257R. & R CLARK, LTD.11 FEB 1927EDINBURGH. This line not actually visible.
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