TO THE LIGHTHOUSEMr. Ramsay, Cam, and James. They shouldhave gone already—they had to catch the tide orsomething. And Cam was not ready and Jameswas not ready and Nancy had forgotten to orderthe sandwiches and Mr. Ramsay had lost histemper and banged out of the room.

“What’s the use of going now?" he hadstormed.

Nancy had vanished. There he was, marchingup and down the terrace in a rage. One seemedto hear doors slamming and voices calling all overthe house. Now Nancy burst in, and asked,looking round the room, in a queer half dazed,half desperate way, “What does one send tothe Lighthouse?" as if she were forcing her-self to do what she despaired of ever being ableto do.[%]

What does one send to the Lighthouse[%]indeed! At any other time Lily could[∧]#have sug-gested reasonably tea, tobacco, newspapers. Butthis morning everything seemed so extraordinarilyqueer that a question like Nancy's—What doesone send to the Lighthouse?—opened doors inone's mind that went banging and swinging to andfro and made one keep asking, in a stupefied gape,What does one send? What does one do? Whyis one,tr:sitting here[∧]after all VW: “after all” circled with line to caret indicating transposition.,?

Sitting alone (for Nancy went out again)226
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