Set Uniform[HBPP: Note: three-line MS cursive instruction, black pencil] - peter.shillingsburgwith Mrs Dallowaycard10 pt flushitalic capsBY THE SAME AUTHOR.[HBPP: Note: Arrow from boxed list of works pointing to the upper left corner of the page, indicating that the box be moved. Note: Underlining added in pencil; full stop deleted in pencil.] - peter.shillingsburgRule[HBPP: Note: black pencil - peter.shillingsburgCaslon8 ptroman capsflushLine for lineFiction.[HBPP: Note: deleted in black pencil] - peter.shillingsburgTHE VOYAGE OUT.[HBPP: Note: period deleted ] - peter.shillingsburgNIGHT AND DAY.[HBPP: Note: period deleted ] - peter.shillingsburgMONDAY OR TUESDAY.[HBPP: Note: period deleted ] - peter.shillingsburgJACOB'S ROOM.[HBPP: Note: period deleted ] - peter.shillingsburgMRS. DALLOWAY.[HBPP: Note: period deleted ] - peter.shillingsburgCriticism.[HBPP: Note: deleted in black pencil] - peter.shillingsburgMR. BENNETT AND MRS.BROWN.[HBPP: Note: period deleted] - peter.shillingsburgTHE COMMON READER.[HBPP: Note: period deleted ] - peter.shillingsburgX[HBPP: X in black pencil deletes box around list.] - peter.shillingsburgomit frame2[HBPP: the page number is circled.] - peter.shillingsburg
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