"Well, we must wait for the future to show,"said Mr. Bankes, coming in from the terrace.

"It's almost too dark to see," said Andrew,coming up from the beach.

"One can hardly tell which is the sea andwhich [∧] is /the land," said Prue.

"Do we leave that light burning?" said Lilyas they took their coats off indoors.

"No," said Prue, "not if everyone's in."

"Andrew," she called back, "just put out thelight in the hall.

One by one the lamps were all extinguished,except that Mr. Carmichael, who liked to lieawake a little reading Virgil, kept his candleburning rather longer than the rest.


So with the lamps all put out, the moon sunk,and a thin rain drumming on the roof a down-pouring of immense darkness began. Nothing, it195

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