FIRST PROOFClark: Rubber stamp.THE WINDOWas an example of what one suffered if one attackedthe prejudices of the British Public.

Purposely, however, for she had it on her mindthat Lily, who had helped her with Mr. Tansley,was out of things, she exempted her from the rest;said "Lily anyhow agrees with me," and so drewher in, a little fluttered, a little startled. (For shewas thinking about love.) They were both out ofthings, Mrs. Ramsay had been thinking, bothLily and Charles Tansley. Both suffered fromthe glow of the other two. He, it was clear, felthimself utterly in the cold; no woman would lookat him with Paul Rayley in the room. Poorfellow! Still, he had his dissertation, the in-fluence of somebody upon something: he couldtake care of himself. With Lily it was different.She faded, under Minta’s glow; became moregal41HB Mark indicating galley 41. inconspicuous than ever, in her little grey dresswith her little puckered face and her little Chineseeyes. Everything about her was so small. Yet,thought Mrs. Ramsay, comparing her with Minta,as she claimed her help (for Lily should bear herout she talked no more about her dairies than herhusband did about his books—he would talk bytthe hour about his books) of the two Lily at fortyt /will be the better. There was in Lily a thread ofsomething; a flare of something; something ofher own which Mrs. Ramsay liked very muchL161R. & R CLARK, LTD.8 FEB 1927EDINBURGH.Clark: Rubber stamp.
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