TO THE LIGHTHOUSEcame down and it all seemed [∧]to himsilly, superficial,flimsy. Why did they dress? He had come downin his ordinary clothes. He had not got any dressclothes. "One never gets anything worth havingby post"—that was the sort of thing they wereoutset HB: Pencil lasso indicating out set galley 33.gal33always saying. They made men say that sort ofHB: Pencil lasso indicating out set galley 33.thing. Yes, it was pretty well true, he thought.They never got anything worth having from oneyear’s end to another. They did nothing buttalk, talk, talk, eat, eat, eat. It was the women'sfault. Women made civilisation impossible withall their "charm," all their silliness.

“No going to the Lighthouse to-morrow,Mrs. Ramsay," he said asserting himself. Heliked her; he admired her; he still thought of theman in the drain-pipe looking up at her; but hefelt it necessary to assert himself.

He was really, Lily Briscoe thought, in spite ofhis eyes, but then look at his nose, look at his[%]hands, so clumsy, the most uncharming humanbeing she had ever met. Then why did she mindwhat he said? Women can't write, women can'tpaint—What did that matter coming from him,since clearly it was not what was true to him but[%]what, for some reason, was helpful to him,[∧]&that[∧]was VW: Line indicating point of insertion at caret after "that".why VW: Line indicating point of insertion at caret after “that”. —peter.shillingsburgsaidheit VW: Line indicating point of insertion at caret. —peter.shillingsburg? Why did her whole being bow, like cornunder a wind, and erect itself again from thisabasement only with a great and rather painful134
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