“Not for the Empress of Mexico," she added,laughing at Jasper; for he shared his mother'svice: he, too, exaggerated.

And if Rose liked, she said, while Jasper tookthe message, she might choose which jewels shewas to wear. When there are fifteen people[%]people sitting down to dinner, one cannot keepthings waiting[∧]forever.She was now beginning to feelannoyed with them for being so late; it was in-considerate of them, and it annoyed her on top ofher anxiety about them, that they should choosethis very night to be out late, when, in fact, shewished the dinner to be particularly nice, sinceWilliam Bankes had at last consented to dine withthem; and they were having Mildred’s master-piece—Bœuf en Daube. Everything dependedupon things being served up the precise momentthey were ready. The beef, the bayleaf, and thewine—all must be done to a turn. To keep itwaiting was out of the question. Yet of courseto-night, of all nights, out they went, and theycame in late, and things had to be sent out, thingshad to be kept hot; the bœuf en Daube would beentirely spoilt.

Jasper offered her an opal necklace; Rose agold necklace. Which looked best against herblack dress? Which did indeed, said Mrs.Ramsay absent-mindedly, looking at her neck and125
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