THE WINDOWclose to his side (as she did now). As they turned[∧]by thecross roads he thought what an appalling ex-perience he had been through, and [∧]he VW line indicates insertion at caret. —peter.shillingsburgmust tell someone—Mrs. Ramsay of course, thatfor VW line indicates insertion at deletion. —peter.shillingsburgit took hisbreath away to think what he had been and done.stetIt had been far and away VW Deletion revesed by underling and “stet” note in margin. the worst moment of hislife when he asked Minta to marry him. Hewould go straight to Mrs. Ramsay, because hefelt somehow that she was the person who hadmade him do it. She had made him think hecould do any thing. Nobody else took himseriously. But she made him believe that hecould do whatever he wanted. He had felt hereyes on him all day to-day, following him about(though she never said a word) as if she weresaying, "Yes, you can do it. I believe in you.I expect it of you." She had made him feel allthat, and directly they got back (he looked for thelights of the house above the bay) he would go toher and say, "I’ve done it, Mrs. Ramsay; thanksto you". And so turning into the lane that led tothe house he could see lights moving about in theupper windows. They must be awfully late then.People were getting ready for dinner. The housewas all lit up, and the lights after the darknessmade his eyes feel full, and he said to himself,childishly, as he walked up the drive, Lights,lights, lights, and repeated HB Pencil mark indicating galley 31in a dazed way, Lights,123gal31
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