THE WINDOWas perhaps they are stepping out of the Tube orringing a doorbell, descends on people, makingthem symbolical, making them impersonal,representativecameupon them, and made them in the dusk standing[∧],looking, the symbols of marriage, husband andwife. Then, after an instant, the symbolicaloutline which transcended the real figures sankdowninto it again, and they became, as they met them,Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay watching the childrenthrowing catches. But still for a moment,though Mrs. Ramsay greeted them with herusual smile (Ooh, she’s thinking we're going to getmarried, Lily thought) and said, "I have triumphedto-night", meaning that for once Mr. Bankeshad agreed to dine with them and not run off tohis own lodging where his man cooked vegetablesproperly,;still, for one moment, there was a senseof things having been blown apart, of space, ofirresponsibility in the air as the ball soared high,[%]and they followed it and lost it and saw the onestar and the draped branches. In the failinglight they all looked sharp-edged and etherealand divided by great distances. Then, dartingbackwards over the vast space (for it seemed asif solidity had vanished altogether), Prue ranfull tilt into them and caught the ball brilliantlyhigh up in her left hand, and her mother said,“Haven't they come back yet?" whereupon115
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