TO THE LIGHTHOUSEfloor of her mind and she felt, It is enough! Itis enough!

He turned and saw her. Ah! She was lovely,lovelier now than ever he thought. But he couldnot speak to her. He could not interrupt her.He wanted urgently to speak to her now thatJames was gone and she was alone at last. But heresolved, no; he would not interrupt her. Shewas aloof from him now in her beauty, in hersadness. He would let her be, and he passed herwithout a word, though it hurt him that she shouldlook so distant, and he could not reach her, heoutsetgal.25could do nothing to help her. And again heHB: Line lassoed in pencil. would have passed her without a word had shenot, at that very moment, given him of her ownfree will what she knew he would never ask, andcalled to him and taken the green shawl off thepicture frame, and gone to him. For he wished,she knew, to protect her.12

She folded the green shawl about her shoulders.She took his arm. His beauty was so great, shesaid, [∧]beginningtospeaking[%]of Kennedy the gardener, [∧]at onceVW: “at once” is lassoed with line to caret. —peter.shillingsburghe wasso awfully handsome, that she couldn’t dismisshim. There was a ladder against the greenhouse,and little lumps of putty stuck about, for they were104
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