THE LIGHTHOUSEthinned and became greener and on one, a higherrock, a wave incessantly broke and spurted a littlecolumn of drops which fell down in a shower. Onecould hear the slap of the water and the patter offalling drops and a kind of hushing and hissingsound from the waves rolling and gambolling andslapping the rocks as if they were wild creatureswho were perfectly free and tossed and tumbled andsported like this for ever.

Now they could see two men on the Lighthouse,watching them and making ready to meet them.

Mr. Ramsay buttoned his coat, and turned up histrousers. He took the large, badly packed, brownpaper parcel which Nancy had got ready and satwith it on his knee. Thus in complete readiness toland he sat looking back at the island. With hislong-sighted eyes perhaps he could see the dwindledleaf-like shape standing on end on a plate of goldquite clearly. What could he see? Cam wondered.It was all a blur to her. What was he thinking now?she wondered. What was it he sought, so fixedly, sointently, so silently? They watched him, both ofthem, sitting bareheaded with his parcel on hisknee staring and staring at the frail blue shapewhich seemed like the vapour of something that hadburnt itself away. What do you want? they bothwanted to ask. They both wanted to say, Ask us307

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