TO THE LIGHTHOUSErather apart from the others. The sail was evennow being hoisted. She decided that there in thatvery distant and entirely silent little boat Mr. Ram-say was sitting with Cam and James. Now theyhad got the sail up; now after a little flagging andhesitation the sails filled and, shrouded in profoundsilence, she watched the boat take its way withdeliberation past the other boats out to sea.IVThe sails flapped over their heads. The waterchuckled and slapped the sides of the boat, whichdrowsed motionless in the sun. Now and then thesails rippled with a little breeze in them, but theripple ran over them and ceased. The boat made nomotion at all. Mr. Ramsay sat in the middle of theboat. He would be impatient in a moment, Jamesthought, and Cam thought, looking at her father,who sat in the middle of the boat between them(James steered; Cam sat alone in the bow) with hislegs tightly curled. He hated hanging about. Sureenough, after fidgeting a second or two, he said some-thing sharp to Macalister’s boy, who got out his oarsand began to row. But their father, they knew, wouldnever be content until they were flying along. Hewould keep looking for a breeze, fidgeting, saying242
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