THE WINDOWI wonder if it seems to you,Luriana, Lurileewith the same sort of relief and pleasure that shehad, as if this were, at last, the natural thing to say,this were their own voice speaking.

But the voice stopped. She looked round. Shemade herself get up. Augustus Carmichael had risenand, holding his table napkin so that it looked likea long white robe he stood chanting:To see the Kings go riding byOver lawn and daisy leaWith their palm leaves and cedar sheaves,Luriana, Lurilee,and as she passed him, he turned slightly towardsher repeating the last words:

Luriana, Lurileeand bowed to her as if he did her homage. With-out knowing why, she felt that he liked her betterthan he had ever done before; and with a feeling ofrelief and gratitude she returned his bow and passedthrough the door which he held open for her.

It was necessary now to carry everything a stepfurther. With her foot on the threshold she waited amoment longer in a scene which was vanishing evenas she looked, and then, as she moved and took167
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