Well then, Nancy had gone with them, Mrs. Ram-say supposed, wondering, as she put down a brush,took up a comb, and said "Come in" to a tap atthe door (Jasper and Rose came in), whether thefact that Nancy was with them made it less likelyor more likely that anything would happen; it madeit less likely, somehow, Mrs. Ramsay felt, very irra-tionally, except that after all holocaust on such ascale was not probable. They could not all bedrowned. And again she felt alone in the presenceof her old antagonist, life.

Jasper and Rose said that Mildred wanted toknow whether she should wait dinner.

"Not for the Queen of England," said Mrs. Ram-say emphatically.

"Not for the Empress of Mexico," she added,laughing at Jasper; for he shared his mother’s vice:he, too, exaggerated.

And if Rose liked, she said, while Jasper took themessage, she might choose which jewels she was towear. When there are fifteen people sitting down todinner, one cannot keep things waiting for ever.She was now beginning to feel annoyed with themfor being so late; it was inconsiderate of them, andit annoyed her on top of her anxiety about them,120
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