TO THE LIGHTHOUSERamsay, bringing Prue back into throwingcatches again, from which she had escaped,asked,

"Did Nancy go with them?"XIV

(Certainly, Nancy had gone with them, sinceMinta Doyle had asked it with her dumb look, hold-ing out her hand, as Nancy made off, after lunch,to her attic, to escape the horror of family life. Shesupposed she must go then. She did not want to go.She did not want to be drawn into it all. For asthey walked along the road to the cliff Minta kepton taking her hand. Then she would let it go. Thenshe would take it again. What was it she wanted?Nancy asked herself. There was something, ofcourse, that people wanted; for when Minta tookher hand and held it, Nancy, reluctantly, saw thewhole world spread out beneath her, as if it wereConstantinople seen through a mist, and then, how-ever heavy—eyed one might be, one must needs ask,"Is that Santa Sofia?" "Is that the Golden Horn?"So Nancy asked, when Minta took her hand. "Whatis it that she wants? Is it that?" And what was that?Here and there emerged from the mist (as Nancylooked down upon life spread beneath her) a112
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