To V. Sackville-West
52 Tavistock Sqre [W.C.1]

Saturday [22 May 1926]

We will get tickets for some entertainment (I can't be certain which) on Tuesday, So come, and it will be great fun. You'll find me here anytime after six. But I'm afraid I chattered too much yesterday, and meaning to let you in, Leonard did, which saddened me. But to business. You said you were going to finish a book in Persia. Would you let us have it? The point is I don't want to press you, if you feel, as you may, that Heinemann's has a right, and is, as maybe too, more profitable. At the same time I dont want these refinements of feeling to lose us a chance which would give a great fillip to our autumn season. So consider. I did enjoy seeing you, and am wearing your necklace, and my exuber-ance after all is not my egotism, but your seduction. Is your garden good?

Yr VW.
Excuse this handwriting—we are going to watch cricket at Lords and I must wash.