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A Very British Strike 3 May-12 May, 1926, Perkins, Anne , London, p.301, (2006)
Reading Virginia Woolf, Briggs, Julia , Edinburgh, p.236, (2006)
Virginia Woolf - An Inner Life, Briggs, Julia , London, p.544, (2006)
Modernism, Labour, and Selfhood in British Literature and Culture, 1890–1930, Shiach, Morag , 02/2004, Cambridge, p.302, (2004)
Virginia Woolf and the Great War, Levenback, Karen L , Syracuse, (1999)
A Passionate Apprentice, Woolf, Virginia , London, p.444, (1990)
The Appropriated Voice: Narrative Authority in Conrad, Forster, and Woolf, London, Bette , 07/1990, Ann Arbor, p.212, (1990)
The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Vol. 3: 1925-30, Woolf, Virginia , The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Volume 3, p.408, (1981)
The Letters of Virginia Woolf, Volume III, 1923-1928, Woolf, Virginia , The Letters of Virginia Woolf, Volume 3, p.600, (1980)
Everyman Edition - 'To the Lighthouse', Woolf, Virginia , p.23, (1938)
Uniform Edition - 'To the Lighthouse', Woolf, Virginia , London, p.27, (1932)
GB 1st Edition - 'To the Lighthouse', Woolf, Virginia , London, p.27, (1927)
USA 1st Edition - 'To the Lighthouse', Woolf, Virginia , New York, p.26, (1927)
Book Chapter
To the Lighthouse and the Great War: The Evidence of Virginia Woolf’s Revisions of ‘Time Passes., Haule, James M , Virginia Woolf and War: Fiction, Reality, and Myth, Syracuse, p.16, (1991)
Journal Article
Swinburne’s ‘Tristram of Lyonesse’ and Woolf’s To the Lighthouse., Edgecombe, Rodney Stenning , Explicator, Volume 66, Issue 1, p.5, (2007)
From Text to Tableau: Ekphrastic Enchantment in Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse, Stelmach, Kathryn , Studies in the Novel, Volume 38, Issue 3, p.23, (2006)
The Literary Depiction of Ontological Shock., Levy, Eric P , Midwest Quarterly, Volume 46, Issue 2, p.16, (2005)
Following Swann’s Way: To the Lighthouse., McArthur, Elizabeth Andrews , Comparative Literature, Volume 56, Issue 4, p.16, (2004)
An Agnostic’s Daughter’s Apology: Materialism, Spiritualism, and Ancestry in Woolf’s To the Lighthouse., Gaipa, Mark , Journal of Modern Literature, Volume 26, Issue 2, p.42, (2003)
Time Passes: Virginia Woolf, Post-Impressionism, and Cambridge Time., Banfield, Ann , Poetics Today, Volume 24, Issue 3, p.46, (2003)