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Typescript Transcription

Typescript Transcription - Overview
The typescript of Virginia Woolf's 'Time Passes' forms the second layer of the Genetic Edition, and the next step of composition following the Initial Holograph Draft.
The version presented here is the typescript Woolf sent to Charles Mauron for him to translate into French, which is currently located in St Remy, France.
Though undated, it was apparently sent in late October or November 1926, and represented an intermediate stage of the text, between the initial manuscript and the marked-up proofs. Mauron's translation was subsequently published in the Paris periodical 'Commerce' for Winter 1926. It became the first of Woolf's writings to be translated into French, and thus formed a significant document in the history of her French reception, providing the basis for her high reputation in France.
A transcription of each page is available, and we also provide each page's image, both in gallery and zoom versions. Each single page image is available in the related content tab in the right sidebar for each page's transcription. It is also possible to view each page's original size image, either from the foot of the relevant transcription page or from the image's page within its respective image gallery.
To view each page of the transcription either select the required page from the menu on the right hand side or use the page at the foot of the page.
Alterations in the typescript recorded in the colour orange were made by strikeovers with the typewriter. Alterations in the typescript recorded in blue were made later by hand. Where applicable, there is a key noting this markup available on the transcription page.
To view a 'Printer Friendly' version of the 'Typescript' simply select the option at the foot of each transcription page.