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.April 30thPart Two
It grew darker. Clouds covered the moon, & in the early hours
of the morning the a light rain drummed on the roof, &
starlight moon light, or the lights at sea seemed put out. What Nothing
could withstand the flood, & the profusion, the downpouring of
this immense darkness; which like a flood creptlet in at keyholes
crv crevices & stealing round the window blinds, came
trickling in at the bedrooms & sitting rooms, &
doors of swallowed up here the glint white of china &
there the flower, the sharp edged furniture. When
everything was confused & confounded, there was scarcely
any identity left, either of bodies or of thoughts, & only
From the many brains sleeping, & bodies lying, either in the
rigid attitudes of the old, or in flungcramped almost passively there
in the crease of the bed, themselves creased with the habitual
be stoopings & movings of many years, there or easily
lying, scarcely covered, like children in the first years of life.
As if the least cover were too heavy, & the mattress m
only upheld them an & cradled them, nothing but dreams
& confused thoughts & broken lights like the the flash &
glitter the bright strange effervescence of bubbles rising
. fromthrough deep water, which burst when they reach the surface,
keeping, now one hand was a hand was raised, or a
as if to clutch at something, or to ward off something, & now
the anguish of life, its concealed pain, & the misery which is
forbidden to cry out b for comfort, [illegible] parted the lips of
the sleepers; or so now & then, some body one laughed; or
in the eager tones of the childlike happiness had talked


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