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Woolf Online - Acknowledgements

The project team of Woolf Online, both directors and technical development officer, would like to offer our thanks to all contributors and consultants. In particular, our sincere thanks to those named contributors for their assistance, contributions, and advice. It is much appreciated.
The conception and design of Woolf Online was Professor Julia Briggs’s work. See a fuller account of Professor Briggs in the read more section on the project team. She died on August 16, 2007, leaving the project in the hands of Dr. Nicholas Hayward (technical development officer), Professor Marilyn Deegan (project co-director), Professor Peter Shillingsburg (project co-director) and Professor Mark Hussey (chair of contributing scholars).
The design of the website was developed by Nick Hayward and Julia Briggs together. Implementation of the design and preparation of all content for mounting in the website was by Nick, who digitized, encoded, and mounted the whole.
Obtaining the typescript, which had formed the initial basis for the translation into French by Charles Mauron, advising on technical matters, and obtaining permissions from the Society of Authors was done by Marilyn Deegan.
Reviewing all content and implementation of website content, organizing the team of contributing scholars, dealing with the finances of the original grant, and writing the final reports fell to Peter Shillingsburg, with team assistance.
Vetting and organizing new content and dealing with collaborative team members was up to Mark Hussey.
The transcript of the Manuscript for Time Passes is based on the transcription prepared by Susan Dick. It was copied into computer readable form and proofed by Hans Walter Gabler against the black and white microfilm prepared by the New York Public Library. The transcription was subsequently encoded by him for further computer use. Julia Briggs also proofed the transcript against the microfilm. Subsequently, the Woolf Online project obtained high quality color reproductions of the manuscript which enabled Peter Shillingsburg, with the assistance of Fallon Allison, to introduce many corrections of ambiguous and difficult to read manuscript passages. The corrections were implemented by Nick Hayward who also re-encoded the transcript to serve as a line-by-line diplomatic transcription to be viewed alongside the manuscript image.
Contributing scholars are Dr. Marion Dell, Professor Michael Lackey, and Professor Alison Light.
Other scholars consulted in the course of the project were:

  • Ann Banfield
  • Pamela Caughie
  • Stuart N. Clarke
  • Christine Froula
  • Hans Walter Gabler
  • Karen Kukil
  • Gina Potts
  • Andrew Thacker
  • Michael Whitworth