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Newspapers - Overview

Newspapers - Overview


Original newspaper images are presented here as supporting material for the period of the British General Strike, 3rd to 12th May 1926. We have currently collected images from the British Gazette, the British Worker, and the Strand Gazette.

British Gazette
The British Gazette was printed and released by the British Government during the General Strike in response to a need for press publication due to print workers joining the strike action. Most national and local newspapers had ceased publication due to this action, and there was a pressing need for the government to keep the country informed of developments in the General Strike. To publish this newspaper it used the presses of the Morning Post, and produced a patriotic, goverment edited publication that provided both news and propoganda for the general public. Edited by Winston Churchill, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, the newspaper was released for eight editions with the circulation rising gradually from 200,000 copies to just over 2 million.

British Worker
In response to this government led newspaper, it became necessary for the unions to publish their own newspaper and present its own voice on the current strike action. The TUC began publication of the British Worker, but it never gained the same wide spread appeal or circulation as the British Gazette.

The Strand Gazette
The Strand Gazette was first published during the General Strike, and appeared as a source of information and news to the local population. After the end of the General Strike, and the resumption of publications by the mainstream press, the Strand Gazette ceased press. However, on 1st June 1928 they resumed a short press run. It was hoped to be able to publish the gazette as a monthly edition, popular with locals and tourists alike.

Currently, we have collected editions from the following newspapers: