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General Strike - Diary 6th May

6th May 1926


Newspaper production was slowly returning, albeit one sheet presses per day. The Daily Mirror printed a one sheet edition, reporting the efforts within the capital to maintain and continue normal services in the light of the strike. It reported the developments of the strike, and arrests within the capital for strike related disorder.

The government continued its efforts to enlist further strike breaking workers as special constables, notably to continue the distribution and provision of much needed resources, including milk and other food sources.

The basic legality of the strike was also challenged as a summons came before Astbury J. in which the legality of the strike was challenged. On the same day in a speech in the Commons Sir John Simon, a leading Liberal and eminent lawyer, declared that the strike was illegal. The general tone of the strike was starting to change, as the government further appealed to the patriotism of its citizens, and questioned the overall intent of the strike. Baldwin argued in the Commons that

The General Strike is a challenge to the parliament and is the road to anarchy..

Transportation during the strike was now starting to improve with the help of volunteers and strike breaking workers.